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Westone UM PRO 20 in ear system kaufen?

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€ 320,65


Technischen Daten

Universal 2-Wege IEM

''The new and improved''
The Westone UM PRO 20 is a professional tool packed with features that help you bring down the house every time you get on stage. The dual driver balanced armature design has the range and raw output for any stage condition. Individually hand-crafted in the USA, the UM PRO 20 is comfortable and secure with Up and Over™ cable routing that helps prevent microphonics and keeps your earphone securely in place.


• Erhältlich in klar.
• UM moulds

€ 320,65

Empfindlichkeit:  119 dB/mW.

Frequenzbereich: 40 Hz - 16 kHz.

Impedanz:  25 ohm.

Driver:  Profi Zwei-Wege-System mit passiver Weiche

Merkmale: Austauschbare Comply Schaumstoff-Tipps